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Your Weekly Digest: Social Cleansing?

November 9, 2010










The dust has settled on our trip to Sweden.  We got our first media coverage across the pond here:

We’ve also given our first presentations. In September, Steven gave a lecture at Watford Boys Grammar School (my old haunt) to lecture 400 sixth formers. The topic was Sustainability, and why it will be vital in their future careers.  But it was the first opportunity to show some of our videos and encourage young people to think that society is not a ready-made cake, but something they have to influence and change.

Then last week Steven presented to the Equality Trust Supporters Conference. In half an hour we tried to get across the fun we had, and our three key areas of interesting discoveries: on the relationship between individuals and state, on the effect of equality on social individuality and the herd mentality, trust and culture.

It was good fun and gave us the chance to edit together a few more video shorts like this one, which we put together to illustrate the concept of Jantelagen in a fun way:



Equality in the News…

The  dust has also settled on the budget announced in September by George Osborne. There have been many claims and counter-claims on the effects of some of the budget cuts. Not least this one from Boris on the effects of housing benefit cuts, which no doubt caused a storm in Conservative Party HQ: His claim about Kosovo-style social cleansing in London prompted criticism over his use of language:

Today the housing benefit changes get discussed in Parliament, and Ian Duncan Smith has written in the Mail apparently infuriated at what he sees as unfair representations of the cuts:

And very relavent for us, Danny Dorling, a prominent academic on geography inequalities, has travelled around the UK lecturing students on inequality. Since our film’s audience is designed to inspire and challenge University students and recent graduates, his findings are interesting to read:

According to Danny at the Equalit Trust Supporters Conference, we could be seeing the biggest rise in inequality for generations. Is that inevitable? I don’t, personally, think so.

That’s all for now.


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  1. November 9, 2010 7:28 pm

    More good stuff – well done.

    Not sure about the video though!!

    Nice to see an article on ‘The Spirit Level’ in the current edition of the ‘New Statesman’, too, recently.

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