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“There are real choices we have to make”- Lars Tragardh, the final interview

September 27, 2010

Lars Tragardh is our last interview and we’ve deliberately been saving this until the end.

Lars is a Swedish comparative historian (he compares countries- so since that’s what we’ve been doing, we thought we should speak to him). But Lars has spent the last 40 years in America. He’s moved back here to raise his children, and has a unique perspective on the relationship between individuals and the state and between social and individual rights- essentially some of the big differences between the social structures in Sweden compared to Anglo-America.

Lars’ interview went on for over 50 minutes, and he touched on some of the key issues we uncovered during our time in Sweden. We think he’s a fascinating bloke, and hope you enjoy this final instalment of our 10-interview series, at just 7 minutes, it’s a steal.

You’ll have noticed we’ve run over slightly in our self-imposed blog-deadline timetable. This is indeed the final interview, but there’ll be one more video diary and a written piece from each of us summarising our thoughts having returned to the UK.

After that, the best way of keeping up to date is to sign up to our blog. You’ll get just one weekly email with links to interesting and relevant news stories about inequality in the UK and equality in Sweden, plus a wee update on our progress as we embark on the long editing journey of turning our material into a swashbuckling, fantastic, documentary short.

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  1. Graeme Kemp permalink
    September 27, 2010 8:07 pm

    Once again, really interesting interview. Clearly we wouldn’t want simply to transplant ‘Sweden’ to the UK, but we can use a lot of what’s going on. Sweden comes off well. I’d like to know more about Norway, too.

    This series of interviews in Sweden has really brought the inequality debate (if there is one still!)alive. Maybe a compilation film, or single documentary, could be created, to cover everything that’s happended on the trip, out of the footage?

  2. September 27, 2010 8:10 pm

    or…”happened” on the trip, even!

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