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What makes Sweden Sweden?

September 24, 2010


What makes Sweden Sweden?

Hacon (and a bit of Steve) reflects on those quirky traits we discovered…


o   Really rubbish mini golf almost everywhere

o   Swedes love their lawns. Perfectly mowed, trimmed, and raked of any clippings.

o   Golf courses are loved (possibly linked to the immaculate lawns) so much they’re in nature reserves (eg Nacka nature reserve – which permits trucks to drive in nearly every day to deliver food and packages and often fills the reserve with the sound of lawn mowing)

o   Herring!  In a household one person will love it and the other hate it

o   Conflict avoidance: a Swede will still be nice to you if they don’t like you

§  Passive aggressive? Maybe this is why they are neutral for almost 300 years

§  "Tiga ut nagon" This roughly translates as "giving the silent treatment."

o   If a Swede really doesn’t want to speak to you, they will say:

 “My sincerest apologies, but I do not speak a word of English”

o   Flies crawling on your food is usually fine, but wasps are the devil incarnate and must be feared to the most extreme extent capable of expressing

o   Swedes love a special form of queuing called nummerlap (take a ticket with a number on and wait)

o   Drinking on a weekday makes you an alcoholic

o   Swedes love “the nature”

o   Sweden is no longer the homogenous society I thought they were

o   Some women don’t like me to hold doors for them

o   Swedes usually carry alcohol in little purple bags

o   Swedes either don’t know how good they’ve got it (why are you studying us?!) or are secretly devilishly proud of what they’ve got and don’t want to share it.

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